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The UDI 818A HD drone now has actually the newly upgraded HD+ 720P Camera, giving you high quality aerial videos and images! Plus with this USA Toyz unique you will get a BONUS Battery providing you extended flight time. The simple to steer, UDI 818A HD+ Drone is ready to fly right out of the box! It's lightweight, 5 oz frame excludes it from FAA registration requirements.

Customer Reviews

Great "Toy" Great Brand Great Service

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 on September 28, 2015
Two batteries, oh how much of a difference two batteries makes. If you have a portable battery charger you can have fun for hours. Odd place to start my review but I really love that USA Toyz thought to do this. Now for a more organized review

This thing has more lives than some of our cats!

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 on February 18, 2017
By Becky J
Bought this for a birthday gift for my husband and comedy ensued. The first run outside, yes the first.. managed to get it stuck about 60ft up in a tree. He blames the wind, I might blame inexperience.. long story short.. He managed to get it down a day later after furiously throwing random things at said tree, what finally worked was a nylon rope with a weight tied on the end if you’re curious. Why am I including this hilarious story on the review you might ask and here is your answer for that. After being hung up 60ft in the air and being hit several times with various flying objects and sitting overnight, then lassoed with a rope and knocked 60ft hard fall out of a tree… this thing didn’t have a scratch on it. I’m not even kidding, aside from the battery being dead (obviously) there wasn’t a single thing wrong with it and not one piece broken. It still works, still flies, still does tricks, not a scratch on it. If that’s not 5 star, I don’t know what is.

Best flying toy ever.

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 on December 27, 2015
By Lori cj
My son has been asking for one of these forever but I was hesitant since we have gone through a dozen flying toys that he couldn’t really fly and/or broke quickly. This one is soooo different. Right out of the box he was able to fly this really well -even outside in a good breeze. It is super fun for the whole family and takes a crash landing like a champ. We have not played with camera yet. I will provide update when we do.

Ordered the drone and it was already assembled and ready …

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 on December 26, 2016
By Marquita
Revised: After the company read my review, they have contacted me and offered to send me a USB battery charger. There’s no way to contact the company directly without returning the item and waiting for a refund and then buying a new item, so I was dreading the process. My son also didn’t want to have to wait that long. The company made good on their promise to send me a charger USB for the item since it was left out of packaging. Now we have a great product and can enjoy it.

Absolutely great to fly and a great quality drone.

 on January 20, 2017
By Kindle Customer
Well I must say that this worked beautifully, and had more power to it than I expected. Not yet knowing how to maneuver it very well, I thought the vacant lot I was in was big enough. It wound up in one of the neighborhoods in the middle of the street. My son and I jumped in the car, drove over to the next block. A couple of the neighbors were helping me look for it. There it was sitting right in the middle of the street and thankfully it did not get run over by a car. It is wonderful to play with and the extra battery that came with it was appreciated. You’re going to need it because each battery will only last about 15 minutes. It lights up…it does flips in the air and I had quite a bit of fun with it. I’m going to buy several more batteries for it and take my son out to the desert where he can fly it, without the concern of it landing on someone’s roof. The directions say you cannot fly near homes or buildings or powerlines or trees. Take it seriously because this thing will really take off.

It seems to take excellent video. I am planning to purchase one for …

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 on January 6, 2016
By Chevy Man
Bought this for my grown up son at christmas. He loves it! He does have experience with R/C airplanes so he is not a novice. He was flying it in the house on Christmas day. He even did a flip (accidentally pushing the button). He has been flying it a lot and hasnt been able to destroy it yet. He did manage to get it too high and the wind carried it away, lucky to find it again. This drone is very durable. It seems to take excellent video. I am planning to purchase one for myself. I dont know if we can fly together or if we will interfere with each others machine.

Very cool

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 on January 5, 2016
I bought this for my 9 year old nephew for Christmas and he loved it but there is a bit of a learning curve using it and for someone this young he needed some help from his dad to operate it, his dad also needed some help operating it LOL. The first mistake we made was not charging the two batteries that came with it the night before we tried to use it, so just as we all and my nephew just started getting the hang of it the batteries were dead. For the money this is a very well made Drone and as my brother-in -law proclaimed several time to his son in frustration “this is not a toy” I myself and his son thought it was a toy LOL. I see a lot of father and son bonding with this Drone. This is better suited for someone a bit older than 9, but I think he can grow into it, hope his dad can.

I am pleased with this entry level unit

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 on June 23, 2017
Got this for my youngest grandson.I have been doing RC’s for almost 50 years. I am pleased with this entry level unit. A few notes not in the manual: If the SD card is inserted properly into the camera there will be a GREEN light when powered on. It took me a few trys to get it properly seated. The SD card reader I received did not work, but I had one on hand so it was not a big deal, but could be frustrating for someone not knowing how they should work. Once I realized that, the pictures and video came up on the computer as expected. Everythin else worked right out of the box and the added literature on Headless Mode and Return Home are very clear. Good flying.

Grandma Approved!

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 on March 4, 2017
By ZX12Girl
What a cool toy. I know that the box stated that this is for older kids (like 12-14 age group) but my 9 year old is a drone junkie. This drone is really steady and easy to operate. It does a quick 360 flip and then moves directly back into a stable flight position. I also purchased the 5 port battery station so that he would have plenty of flight time. My grandson’s only small complaint is that he can not see a live feed from the camera (Gotta love these techy kids). You just have to download the video to watch the flight once it returns. Still Grandma approved! 🙂