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– Up/down, left/turn right, forward/backward/ sideward with 360 eversion
– 2 speed is readily available
– 2 frequency is offered
– 6-axis, might toss to fly
– Spare parts: 1PCS scewdriver +1 PCS tail blade (included).
– Charging: 2 ways (USB & Controller offered).
– Charging time: about 40 mins.
– Battery: 3.7 V150mAH Li-poly.
– Flying time: 5-7mins.
– Flying distance: about 40 meters.

Customer Reviews

BLOWN AWAY: I own a DJI Phantom 3 and I STILL fly this all the time

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 on November 27, 2016
By Ed Osworth
Yep, I have a full size DJI Phantom 3 drone, yet I buy and fly these as well (I own 2 and 8 batteries). Truthfully I would be hard pressed to tell you which are more fun. The DJI, of course, takes stunning videos and doesn’t drift. Then again the smallest part on my DJI costs more than this whole drone and controller. So while fun to fly an expensive drone, there is a background of worry always in the air. Don’t land the DJI right and you may have a $200 repair bill. Make a mistake and you might lose $1000 forever.

What to expect from a $25 quadcopter

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 on August 29, 2015
By Earl M.
I won’t do a Pro/Con review because it doesn’t quite fit here. I’ll just say what to expect.

I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!

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 on March 1, 2015
By J. Williams
The only reason I gave this 5 stars is because there weren’t more to give it. This is an unbelievable nice quadcopter for a low cost. On low rates it is controllable enough to fly in the smallest of rooms. Find a soccer field, flip it to high rates and it is a tiger. If you are flying it outdoors though keep it close enough or you can lose orientation very easily due to the speed that it is capable of and it’s small size. The included prop guard adds almost no weight and makes it almost indestructable. I’ve flown this one head on into a wall and it just bounces off and keeps on going. I was flying it in my front yard the other day and flew it into a tangle of tree branches, again it just bounced around and never hit the ground. The X11 is capable of handling a fair amount of breeze in the hands of a pilot with a bit of experience on high rates. Flying any RC aircraft in the wind is probably 85% piloting skills and 15% aircraft to be honest, so if you are just starting out, be careful flying outdoors in windy conditions. I also have the X5C and the X11 handles wind significantly better, probably due to less body mass for the wind to catch and the extreme power to weight ratio of this little beast. The included battery is a 200 mah and will give you about 5 or 6 minutes of flight. Be warned that the low voltage alarm (flashing LEDs) on this is basically useless as it kicks in about 10 seconds before you lose power. If you are flying outside over anything you would be very well advised to use a timer, buy some extra batteries and err on the side of caution with flight times. If you are 50 feet in the air or over a tree or building when it starts blinking, you will not have time to save it. There are several higher capacity replacement batteries that will fit this quad, although some of them pretty snugly. I bought a pack of five 240 mah batteries for the Hubsan quadcopter. They will fit but some of them are pretty tight. I will probably put a piece of velcro on the bottom and attach the batteries there for convenience. There are folks using up to a 500 mah unit on these, but be careful on these type quads…you don’t want it to fly long enough to heat the motors, and you don’t want to load it down with excessive weight. There is a trade off with any airplane, helicopter or quad between higher power and increased weight. If I have a complaint about this at all, it is that it comes with an X-box type controller rather than the more rc’ish designs of other Syma items. It works fine and has good range, but it just takes a little getting used to if you are used to more traditional controllers. I have heard that it will fly with the new version of X5C controller. My X5C is the original version and it will not recognize it. Overall I would say this is a great quadcopter for the beginner or experienced pilot looking for pocket sized fun.

A lot of fun!

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 on December 2, 2015
By B. Hammill
I bought this quadcopter for my 8 year old son. I figured it would be pretty flimsy and not work very well because it was so cheap. It has been a year and we had to buy some more blades because we broke a few but it is still flying. The remote on this toy is great. The quadcopter is very sensitive and once you get the hang of it you you can fly this through some tight spots. The battery last for 10 to 15 minutes and it charges in about 20 minutes.

If anyone is hesitant on a first quad, just get this one.

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 on September 19, 2015
By Joe
Absolutely awesome. My first quadcopter and I’ve been having a blast. Started by learning to fly it indoors and then transitioned to outside. Man oh man, does this thing fly high… didn’t even get out of range but I started to lower it down since I could barely see it! Also survived a fall from 100ft onto pavement from one of my less graceful attempts. Oh, and the controller feels just like an xbox controller… so anyone that has played call of duty before will have a leg up (seriously..). Extremely responsive and nimble as well.

DON’T fly near the treeline!

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 on June 12, 2017
By Blind Dad
Like most of the stuff I buy here on Amazon, this was for my teenage son. Once in a while I do get to buy something for myself, like shampoo or toothpaste but the fun stuff is usually for him. This was an inexpensive way for him to start learning about drones, it has no camera iand was relatively inexpensive. That said, it was a great deal of fun for him to fly and I even purchased some extra batteries for it. The instruction point out that you should not fly this quad-copter above the treeline and they are not kidding. Right now, the copter is sitting near the top of a very tall tree in our neighborhood where it has remained through many hard winds and tunderstorms. It’s summer now so I suppose I need to get him another one to take a chance with. I hope that he has learned his lesson and flies it in a more open area awy from buildings and trees. Fun while it lasted and definitely flies high for such a little toy.

Syma X11, Estes 4606, or UDI U 839 compared!

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 on November 13, 2014
By R. Smith
Due to size difference, this is not quite an apples to apples comparison. But if you want the mini copter that is more fun because of its stability and durability, the Syma X11 is it, ans it’s the cheapest of the 3 I have.